Millet ARPI SHIRT SS M Grønn

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Inkl. MVA.

Very lightweight technical shirt for alpine activities and trekking in high summer. Breathability and maximum ventilation thanks to a 100% micro-perforated ripstop polyester fabric, to guarantee long-lasting comfort durable on fast hikes. For wetland treks and journeys near the tropics, this innovative moisture-wicking shirt gives a constant feeling of freshness and lightness. At the height of summer, enjoy the breathability and maximum ventilation of the ARPI SHIRT SS, whose fully micro-perforated RIPSTOP POLYESTER fabric promotes air and moisture transfer. Halting incipient tears, and very quick drying, this moisture-wicking shirt delivers long-lasting comfort on high-tempo hikes: the skin always stays dry to prevent any irritation - in a fit that gives everyday comfort.

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