Sail Racing E-Dye Bloc Cap Carbon

Ordinær pris 700,00 kr
Inkl. MVA.

E-Dye Bloc Cap made of E.Dye polyester fabric with high breathability. Adjustment at the back. Sail Racing bloc logo at the front. E.Dye®- the innovative and sustainable waterless color system. The pigment recipe mixes with PET-chips and heats up into a liquid state and become filament to get spun together into the yarn. E.Dye conduce to approximately 75% water savings in comparison to traditional fabric dyeing. E.Dye have mastered to bring superior color performance to textiles and guaranteed color precision while reducing water consumption, pollution and harmful chemicals. The color is actually put inside the yarn which creates durability and colorfastness to the fibre. E.Dye - certificated by validated independent partys as: Oeko-Tex, EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), Global Recycled standards.

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